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Shin: Kigyo no Kenkyu-sha o Mezasu Minasan e (For Corporate Researchers 2 - Research That Matters)


232 pages




December 21, 2019



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Kindai Kagaku sha Co., Ltd.

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Shin: Kigyo no Kenkyu-sha o Mezasu Minasan e

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If you are a university student, you are studying a subject such as Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Medicine, and Politics. After graduation you will join your workplace, where you will be considered to be an expert in your subject. It is important skill that you can learn at school.
There is another set of skills, however, especially when you work for an enterprise, that you cannot learn at school and have to learn through your job experiences; how to apply your knowledge on real-world problems, how to collaborate with your colleagues, how to persuade your bosses, how to build up your career over the years, and most importantly, how to create and demonstrate your values in the organization. Sometimes this is a painful learning process because certain things can only be learned in a hard way.
This is a book to make this painful process a little easier for you, especially if you are looking for a research job in the private sector. The author has research experiences in IBM (a US-based global company), Canon (a Japan-based global company), the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (academia), and Preferred Networks (a startup) and through his experiences he has learned many things that he wondered why nobody had taught at school. That was the motivation behind the book; it is to share the second set of skills with the readers.
The book was originally written in Japanese, but a machine-translated English version (with minimum human post-editing) is available for free download [1].

(Written by MARUYAMA Hiroshi, Project Professor, School of Engineering / 2021)

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