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Keizaigaku-o-Ajiwau (Tasting Economics)


304 pages, 127x188mm




April, 2020



Published by

Nippon Hyoron sha co., Ltd.

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This book is based on the content of the lecture, “Modern Economic Theory,” designed for first-year and second-year undergraduate students at the University of Tokyo. The lecture aims to introduce Economics to students by discussing trending topics in each field of Economics; it does not fully explain the concepts of Economics. It briefly refers to the frontiers of each field. This strategy was adopted in the belief that the best way to motivate beginners to learn is to introduce them to the frontiers in the field.
The book conveys the essence of the lectures. As the lectures are accessible only to students of the University of Tokyo, the book is published to increase its accessibility to outsiders. It is regarded as one of the introductory textbooks of Economics. Notably, it is different from the standard books. It briefly presents the most recent research results without explaining the background that led to them. Hence, some readers may feel left behind when reading the book. Thus, the question arises, why was such a possibly “non-inclusive” book published?
This was done to help readers get excited about Economics. A vast volume of excellent introductory textbooks that explain the basics in detail exists. However, these books rarely highlight the frontiers of research, which our book in question offers to readers. It serves to create excitement for readers of Economics, without intending to make them fully understand the concepts of Economics.
Hence, the book shows the frontier topics of each field of Economics and introduces textbooks for those who want to learn more. The primary goal of the book is to induce readers to learn Economics by highlighting trending issues.

(Written by SATO Yasuhiro, Professor, Graduate School of Economics / 2021)

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