Under the principle of student autonomy, the University of Tokyo Athletics Association General Affairs Department, which oversees the University of Tokyo Athletics Association (Undobu), publishes the annual Athletics Association Report. The first issue was published in 1934 (the Athletics Association was formed in 1886). On its front page it proudly proclaimed that the Athletics Association aimed to train the students' bodies and cultivate their characters to make them into useful material for the State. The contents include items that would not be out of place in today's issues such as "My perspective on archery and the university archery club," "On baseball," and "The melancholy of the skater." Others give a stronger sense of history, such as "What we can learn from the Manchurian participation problem." 79 years have passed since the first issue, but this year's is the 61st issue. The sums don't add up because there was a long blank from 1940. Here's hoping that the Athletics Association Report is published without break long into the future.