Tansei 12

Sport and the University of Tokyo

Tansei cover

Tansei cover

Welcome to the 12th edition of Tansei. As was reported in the previous issue, from this 12th edition we have made a new start, seeking to make Tansei more relevant to the "Greater University of Tokyo community," including alumni and other people involved with the university in various ways. This is in effect the first volume of the renewed Tansei.

The special feature of the inaugural issue of the renewed Tansei is "Sport and the University of Tokyo." Some readers may be surprised at this choice for a special feature as sport is something that is not readily associated with our University. In the all-new Tansei our aim is to further highlight our links with society and the community and provide information from multiple perspectives, including research, education and staff development, extracurricular activities, and about the environments and structures that support the university in all its aspects. As you will discover by reading this issue, the choice of sport is an apt one for this renewal issue, as it reflects the great diversity of the University of Tokyo. I hope that this issue will give you a feel for the effort that is put into sport at the University, capitalizing on the allure and prowess of the University, and for the contributions being made to society through sport.

Shinobu Yoshimura
University of Tokyo Public Relations Division


The cover of this edition of Tansei was taken by photographer Junichi Kaizuka at the University of Tokyo Baseball Ground. The player who can be seen taking a practice swing in the photograph is the person responsible for the ground this academic year and according to the official newsletter of the baseball club, he is the self-appointed "God of the baseball ground." On the day the photograph was taken all practice had been called off due to rain, but at the time the shutter was pressed there was a brief glimmer of light through the clouds, which cast a glow on the "God" in the foreground.

About Tansei

Tansei is the magazine of the University of Tokyo. The school color of the University of Tokyo is light blue (tansei in Japanese). It was first used in a rowing regatta between the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University in 1920. The choice of light blue or dark blue was decided by drawing lots. Kyoto drew dark blue and Tokyo light blue, and these have been the two universities' respective colors ever since.