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Tell the World: Global Research Outreach at the University of Tokyo (Public Relations Office)

January 5, 2016

This event has ended.

Event Type: University members only
Intended for: Enrolled students / International students
Date(s): January 26, 2016
Location: Hongo Area Campus
Venue: No. 31 Classroom, Graduate School of Engineering Building 3 (Talks and Q&A)
Exhibition Room, Graduate School of Engineering Building 2 (Coffee break and Poster session)
Entrance Fee: No charge
Registration Method: Advance registration required
Event Description:

You do great research. So how do you tell the world about it?
The University of Tokyo Public Relations Office has organized a half-day seminar and poster session on the Hongo Campus about promoting your research to the world. This English-language event is open to all researchers and students at the University of Tokyo and aims to help build networks between Japanese and foreign researchers, students and administrative staff engaged in research and research promotion.


13:10 - Reception opens

13:30 - Welcome remarks

13:35 - Talk 1... Promoting your research: Press releases and UTokyo Research

14:00 - Talk 2... Increasing visibility of your research: UTokyo Repository, Yoichi Komatsu, Information Systems Division

14:25 - Q&A followed by Break

14:45 - Talk 3... Research at UTokyo: Letting the world know, Jonathan Woodward, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

15:15 - Talk 4... Discoveries with the help of citizen science, Anupreeta More, Kavli IPMU

15:45 - Q&A

16:00 - Coffee break and Poster session

17:30 - Closing remarks

* This event is funded by the International Students and Researchers Support Group, as part of the Second University of Tokyo Contest for Planning of International Exchange Events.

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Contact: UTokyo Research, Public Relations Office, The University of Tokyo

utokyo-research AT

03-5841-1045 (internal: 21045)