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Q. What undergraduate degree programs are offered at the University of Tokyo, and what are their admissions requirements?
A. Please see the PEAK and GSC programs for details of our undergraduate programs in English. Contact details are provided on the websites.

Undergraduate study in English



For study in Japanese, please see the Faculty pages for information. For further information, please see the page on traditional undergraduate programs in Japanese.

Undergraduate Faculties

Traditional Undergraduate Programs in Japanese
Q. What graduate degree programs are offered at the University of Tokyo, and what are their admissions requirements?
A. A list of Graduate Schools of the University of Tokyo can be found below. Please see the websites for the Graduate Schools for program offerings, admissions requirements and other information.
Graduate Schools

The following page contains a list of graduate degree programs offered in English:
Graduate degree programs in English
Q. Does the University of Tokyo offer degree programs in English?
A. Yes. Details on English degree programs can be found on the following pages:

Undergraduate study in English

Graduate degree programs in English
Q. Can I transfer to the University of Tokyo from another university?
A. Under most circumstances, you cannot transfer in to the University of Tokyo from another university. However, there are some exceptions as outlined on the following page. All of the exceptions below are for Japanese-language degree programs.
There is also an English-language undergraduate transfer program called the Global Science Course. Information on this course can be found here.

Short-term programs and student exchange

Q. What short-term programs are offered by the University of Tokyo?
A. A list of short-term programs offered by the University can be found on the following page.

Special and Short-term Programs
Q. What student exchange programs are offered by the University of Tokyo?
A. There are university-wide (USTEP) and departmental level student exchange programs offered by the University of Tokyo with our partner universities. For a list of partner universities and details on the various programs, please see the page below.

Student Exchange Programs
Q. I am not from a partner university. Can I still take part in a student exchange program?
A. Unfortunately, if your university is not a partner of the University of Tokyo, and if there are no department-level exchange agreements between the department at your university and the University of Tokyo, you cannot participate in an exchange program with the University of Tokyo.

However, there are some short-term programs (all of which take place during various periods throughout the summer months) for which you may be eligible to apply. These are listed on the page below.

Special and Short-term Programs
Q. Are there any Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) available at the University of Tokyo?
A. Yes. Please see the page below for information on courses currently offered.

Q. Does the University of Tokyo offer Japanese language classes?
A. Language programs at the University of Tokyo are provided only for University of Tokyo students/researchers already enrolled in our degree programs. If you are a current student/researcher, please see the page below for more information.

Studying Japanese

Tuition, fees and scholarships

Q. How much is tuition at the University, and what kinds of fees are there?
A. General information on tuition and fees can be found on the following page. Please also see the page of the program(s) in which you are interested, as some programs require separate fees.

Admission Fee, Tuition and Exemptions
Q. What kinds of scholarships are available?
A. Scholarship information can be found on the following page. Please also see the page of the program(s) in which you are interested for additional information on scholarships.



Q. What kind of housing is available for UTokyo students/researchers?
A. Please see the Housing Office website for information about accommodation. Usually, your department will provide support and assistance with finding accommodation, so you should contact them first with any questions.



Visiting the University

Q. How do I arrange a visit as part of a university delegation or other official group?
A. Please send a message detailing your request to the International Strategy Group through the form below.

Contact - International Strategy Group

Q. Where/how do I sign up for a campus tour?
A. The University of Tokyo offers student-run campus tours on the Hongo Campus. For more information and to reserve a spot on a tour, please see the website below.

Campus Tours


Q. Can I visit the University campuses without going on a campus tour?
A. Yes, you are free to visit our campuses without being part of a tour. Please see the website below for general visiting rules.


Contacting professors and researchers

Q. I want to contact a specific professor/researcher or someone who is doing research in a certain field.
A. We do not offer direct introductions to professors, but you are welcome to contact professors directly. You can find them in the following ways:

1) Faculty search from the University homepage

Faculty search

2) Visit department homepages

List of Graduate Schools

The department homepages usually have a list of professors/researchers, along with a detailed description of their research area. You can find these from the homepage of each Graduate School.


Q. Where can I find information on career opportunities at the University?
A. Information about job openings is posted on the University website at the page listed below. Please monitor that page for employment opportunities.

Q. How can I post employment opportunities for UTokyo alumni/students?
A. Please contact the Career Support Office below with information on the available job opening(s) to see if they can make the information available to students.

Career Support Office
The University of Tokyo
Address: Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8654 Japan

Degree verification

Q. I want to verify that someone graduated from the University of Tokyo for background check or employment purposes.
A. Because of Japanese privacy laws, we cannot inform you if a person studied at the University of Tokyo. The procedure to confirm an academic record is as follows:

1) Ask the person themselves to obtain a certificate proving their study directly from the University of Tokyo.
2) Send a scanned copy of that certificate and the signed consent to the Faculty/Graduate School office they graduated from by email (Contact).
3) The Faculty/Graduate School office will confirm the authenticity of the document.

Q. I am searching for records on a nonliving family member who graduated from/was enrolled in the University of Tokyo.
A. Please contact the Faculty/Graduate School in which your relative was enrolled (or the current equivalent) with the relative's name, date of birth, year of graduation, and any other information you may have regarding their enrollment.

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