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(Mar 20, 2018) UTokyo Alumni Association of Cambodia Participated in "Go Abroad with WEduShare 2018"

On March 18, the UTokyo Alumni Association of Cambodia, including Mr. Yoshi Oya, a founder of the association, participated in "Go Abroad with WEduShare 2018" which was held at Exchange Square, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Current international students who are affiliated with the Graduate School of Public Policy, as well as a prospective student who has been accepted to study at the Department of Community and Global Health, Graduate School of Medicine, also attended the event.

The UTokyo booth was crowded with a lot of attendees who were interested in studying at UTokyo, and thus  almost all the 2000 copies of handouts including scholarship information, introduction of UTokyo, etc. were taken.

Attendees were also very interested in the variety of UTokyo video materials.

We all hope that many of the excellent students who joined this event will come to study at UTokyo in the near future. 

(Feb 22, 2018) Expanding Our Alumni Network in the South Asia Region

The UTokyo Alumni Association is engaged in enhancing UTokyo's alumni network on a global basis by connecting graduates both at home and abroad.

For the 2018 fiscal year, we will focus on increasing the number of international students from the South Asia Region including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in accordance with the policies of Japanese government.

For that purpose, we would like to participate in study abroad fairs in these countries as well as expand our domestic and overseas alumni networks there.

Currently, there are alumni associations in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka; meanwhile, in Bhutan and Pakistan, alumni networks are not yet organized. We would be grateful if you could lend a hand in further developing alumni activities in these countries.
(The green-colored pins on the map indicate the countries where alumni associations are established, while those colored red indicate countries where alumni associations are yet to be organized.)

If you are interested in joining the above-mentioned alumni associations, or supporting our efforts, please contact us at tft.adm(at) (Please replace (at) with @. )

(Feb 22, 2018) To International Students Graduating in Spring 2018

Congratulations on your graduation from UTokyo.
Expand your global network with UTokyo alumni both at home and abroad.
We have effective tools to help you achieve this goal.

Further details can be viewed here.

(February 8, 2018) Alumni Networking is Underway in the Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts, Washington DC and Austin, Texas

Alumni networking is underway in several areas in the US.

In the Greater Boston Area, core members including researchers such as Dr. Bryan Moser, a researcher of both MIT and UTokyo, and younger alumni have hosted get-together meetings several times a year, thus expanding the alumni network there. The Greater Boston UTokyo Alumni Club already has around 300 members. Its official website launched last year, and it held a New Year’s Party on January 21, 2018.

Regarding Washington DC, key members have started to organize an official alumni association there. Main alumni include those affiliated with international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, etc. and the Embassy of Japan. If an alumni association is established in this district, it will be quite meaningful both for the alumni working there as well as for current students who are accepted for the local Hands-on Activity Program.

Preparation for the establishment of an alumni association is also proceeding in Austin, Texas. One of the organizing members is Mr. Kentaro Hara, a researcher of Texas A&M University who played an important role in the startup of the “Study Abroad Seminar” hosted by the UTokyo Alumni Office twice a year.

If you are interested in joining any of these communities, please contact us at

(February 8, 2018) Schedule for General Meetings hosted by Overseas Alumni Associations

The General Meetings completed or to be hosted by overseas alumni associations are as follows:

Name of Alumni Association Venue Date Participants from UTokyo
UTokyo Alumni Association of Korea Seoul, Korea January 25, 2018 Director, the Alumni Office
UTokyo Alumni Association of India Delhi, India February 21, 2018 Norio Matsuki, Executive Vice President; Director, the Alumni Office
UTokyo Alumni Association of Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan March 24, 2018 Norio Matsuki, Executive Vice President; Manager, the Alumni Office

(September 6, 2017) UTokyo Alumni Association of Sri Lanka Just Established

The UTokyo Alumni Association of Sri Lanka was just established on Monday, September 3, 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is the 53rd UTokyo overseas alumni association.

A total of fifteen participants including alumni and guests attended the inaugural meeting.

After the opening remarks made by Prof. Mangala De Zoysa, Senior Professor of the University of Ruhuna, His Excellency Mr. Kenichi Suganuma,  Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka gave a complimentary message. In his speech, His Excellency Mr. Suganuma stressed the importance of human relations nurtured during school days at the University of Tokyo.

These messages were followed by remarks from the UTokyo President (read by Mr. Mori, Director of UTokyo Alumni Office), with Dr. (Ms.) R. M. Udayangani Ratnayake, the General Secretary of the Japanese Graduates' Alumni Association of Sri Lanka (JAGAAS) as a guest.

After the approval of the new board members including Dr. Indika Palihakkara, Lecturer, the University of Ruhuna, as President, Dr. H. D. Karunaratne, former President of JAGAAS, Japan Foundation fellow at The University of Tokyo and Senior Professor, Faculty of Management and Finance, the University of Colombo made a short presentation on economic relations between Sri Lanka and Japan.  

(August 23, 2017) To International Students Graduating in Autumn 2017

Congratulations on your graduation from UTokyo.
Expand your global network with UTokyo alumni both at home and abroad.
We have effective tools to help you achieve this goal.

Further details can be viewed here.

(July 11, 2017) Lecture Entitled “The Future of China Focused on Human Resources” Hosted

On July 4th, 2017, Mr. Yuji Miyauchi, former Director of UTokyo Beijing Office, gave a lecture entitled “The Future of China Focused on Human Resources” on the Hongo Campus hosted by the UTokyo Alumni Association/UTokyo Alumni Office. The Conference Room 002 on the basement floor of Sanjo Conference Hall was filled with almost 50 participants in spite of the slightly typhoon-like weather.

Mr. Miyauchi discussed many eye-opening topics, including how the number of university students has skyrocketed in China over the past ten years while the number of international students studying in Japan has remained relatively the same, how China is accepting so many international students as a national policy, and also how all these factors will affect international relations in the future, all while using a great amount of data to explain his points.

According to the questionnaire results, most of the audience was awed with the wide range of data and the lecturer's specific knowledge.

Also, some of them requested a larger room since the venue was so crowded with participants.