Regarding media coverage of the College of Design (tentative name) concept

February 20, 2024

The establishment of the College of Design (tentative name) is one of the major initiatives that the University has been considering as part of its efforts to "create a new university model" as stated in UTokyo Compass, its basic policy regarding the philosophy and direction the University should pursue.

In today's increasingly complex and diverse society, there is a need for exceptional individuals who can take the initiative to tackle global challenges faced by human society and become the changemakers of the future. The College of Design (tentative name) will provide a place for interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving that transcends existing academic disciplines, with a focus on "design" in its broadest sense, including the transformation of social systems.

This concept was originally announced at the end of October 2023 as part of the "UTokyo Compass 2-Year Progress Report," and a committee has been established to discuss the establishment of a College of Design in order to promote the implementation of this concept.

The College of Design (tentative name) is scheduled to open in autumn of 2027. As of February 2024, we have begun discussions in the following directions, and will continue to coordinate with related institutions on the necessary procedures while further deepening the discussions within the University.

(1) Faculty Organization

  • The College will be composed of a diverse faculty from both Japan and overseas, and students will be able to receive guidance from practitioners in the private sector.
  • Faculty members of the College will hold concurrent positions within existing Faculties to promote university-wide reforms in both education and research.

(2) Curriculum of the College

  • A five-year program that integrates the bachelor's and master's degree programs.
  • The new curriculum will redefine design as a broad concept and develop a different kind of "design" education based on interdisciplinary knowledge that integrates the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and other fields.
  • Classes will be conducted in English and will provide an environment in which students can learn independently according to their own interests and issues.

(3) Scale of the College

  • 100 students per grade, and allowing students of existing Faculties to take classes in the College is being considered.

(4) Entrance examination for the College

  • The College will have a global entrance examination and accept students from all over the world, including those from Japan.
  • The entrance period will be in autumn, and diversity will be ensured through a new selection method that is not bound by the conventional university entrance examinations.
February 20, 2024
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