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Career Support for Students

Once students complete their studies in their respective Faculties, they depart full of great desires and hopes to open new doors and begin walking along their own paths. Many of those who specialized in the humanities decide to seek employment, putting the knowledge and abilities they had cultivated at the University to use in society. The majority of students in science fields, on the other hand, choose to pursue the path of further education in graduate schools in order to prepare for their future research activities as well as employment. Meanwhile, students in the Faculty of Medicine’s School of Medicine take the first steps towards their careers by participating in residency programs. Every Faculty offers career support for students who would like to find employment after graduation.

To complement this support offered by each Faculty, the Career Support Office provides employment information (at its job-hunting corner) and career counseling, while also planning and running various career-related seminars and events.

For more detailed information on the University’s career support and statistics related to students’ career paths, please visit the page below.

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