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  • Observing a decaying Sakhalin fir in the University of Tokyo Hokkaido Forest

    Creating a Society in Harmony with NatureFrom spruces in the north to mangroves in the south, Japan is covered by an astounding variety of forests. Read about how Japanese people coexist with these forests and incorporate them into their culture.

  • Japan: the Land of Rising RoboticsAs demand rises worldwide for an ever diverse array of sophisticated robots, researchers and manufacturers in Japan step up to the task of creating advanced robots in the spirit of “monozukuri.”

  • Mt. Asama, site of one of UTokyo's volcanic observatories

    The World’s Most Active Earthquake Zone Is the Closest Place on Earth to Unraveling World-shaking Geophysical MysteriesThe Japanese countryside draws visitors with diverse attractions ranging from steaming hot springs to atmospheric coves, rolling hills, lush forests, rocky mountains and rugged coastline.
    Japan’s natural charms are deeply intertwined with the geo-scientific location of its islands.

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