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Admission Fee and Tuition

Admission Fee

The admission fee is paid one time only at the time of admission. Payment is by wire transfer. For details, contact the administrative office of your Faculty/Graduate School. See the table below (in the Tuition Fee section) for the fee amount.

Tuition Fee

The following table lists the tuition and other fees for University of Tokyo students.

Note: Students receiving a scholarship from the Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) do not need to pay tuition and certain other fees.

Notice of tuition fee payment (first payment term: April - September 2024) (PDF)
Notice of tuition fee payment (second payment term: October 2023 - March 2024) (PDF)
Student Category Undergraduate Graduate (excl. School of Law) School of Law
Master's/Professional Doctoral/PhD in Medicine or Veterinary Science
Admission fee ¥282,000 ¥282,000 ¥282,000
Tuition fee (annual) ¥535,800 ¥535,800 ¥520,800 ¥804,000
Examination fee 1st stage ¥4,000 ¥30,000 ¥30,000 ¥7,000
2nd stage ¥13,000 - - ¥23,000
Student Category Research Student Auditing Student
Examination fee ¥9,800 ¥9,800
Admission fee ¥84,600 ¥28,200
Tuition fee Monthly: ¥28,900 / Annual: ¥346,800 ¥14,800 per credit

1. Payment Periods
Tuition payments are made in 6-month amounts twice a year: in May for the first half (April-September) and in November for the second half (October-March).

※Tuition payments for autumn entrants enrolled at the University in or before September 2018 are as follows:

(1) For the year of entry, payment in November will be for the first seven months (September-March).
(2) For the graduating year, payment in May will be for the last five months (April-August).
(3) For the other years not covered by (1) or (2), payments in May and November will be for six months each.

2. Payment Method (Automatic Bank Account Withdrawal)
• Payments will be deducted automatically from the bank account that you registered using the Tuition Deposit Account Withdrawal Request Form. ※There are no charges for withdrawals from your deposit account.
  (To register, click the button below.)
• Tuition fees will be withdrawn from your account on May 27 for the first half and November 27 for the second half (or the next business day if the payment date falls on a non-business day for financial institutions).
• Please be sure to deposit an amount equal to the tuition payment in the relevant account at least one day prior to the withdrawal date.
* You can check which of your accounts is currently registered through the "Payment Status Information" screen of the UTokyo Academic affairs System (UTAS).
  (Any application made through the link below during the withdrawal request period [from around the 15th to the end of the month] will be implemented at the beginning of the following month.)

Supplementary explanation for entering account name (PDF)
* You can register and also change existing account information through the above page.
* To change your account information, register for a new account.
  (Your existing account information will be automatically overwritten by the new information.)
* Please complete registering or changing your account information no later than the last day of the month prior to the scheduled withdrawal date.
* For non-residents (less than 6 months after arrival in Japan).
  Non-resident accounts may not be able to apply through the website. In such cases, please print the PDF below and apply in writing.
  ・Application Form for Tuition Fee Payment by Direct Debit (PDF)
  - Mailing address -
  Accounting Group, Finance Department, University of Tokyo,
  7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8654, Japan
  (It takes about one and a half months from the date of receipt of the documents to the date when the account can be used as a debit account, provided that the documents are in order.)
* "Flywire" is now available (From May 2023) (PDF)
  [For undergraduate and graduate students only.]

<Contact for Payment Inquiries>
Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition Payment (PDF)
* For questions regarding tuition other than the payment method, please contact your Faculty or Graduate School.

Accounting Group, Finance Department (2F Administration Bureau)


For information on exemptions, please see the following page:


Before contacting the University, please view the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if there is an answer to your inquiry. If your question pertains to a particular program/department, please contact that program/department directly.

* The contact at the button below only accepts questions about method of tuition fee payment. For all other questions, please visit the FAQ page.
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