8th UTokyo Environment, Safety & Health Slogan Contest

March 12, 2024

1. Purpose
The Division for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) carries out work on health and safety issues so that all members of the University can work and study in a safe environment. This eighth call for environment, health and safety slogans is a continuation of the 2017 contest, which was started as an effort to prevent accidents and disasters by promoting the University members’ health and safety awareness by encouraging them to carry out simple activities such as the University’s health and safety activities. 


2. Organizer

Division for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

3. Eligibility

All members of the University. (Applicants must be a member of the University at the time of application as well as on Tuesday, July 9.)

4. Call for entries
Slogans relating to environmental health and safety.
(e.g. disaster prevention, fire prevention, accident prevention, creating a safe and secure campus, etc.)

5. Application Rules
  • Applications are limited to your own previously unpublished work. However, slogans previously submitted in the first to seventh contests that did not receive an award may be submitted.
  • Each person may submit up to five entries.
  • All rights including the copyright of the prize winner’s work shall belong to the University of Tokyo.

6. How to apply

  • Please fill out and submit the application form. 
  • If multiple applications are received, only the most recent application will be considered for selection.
  • Application Form:
7. Application Period

    Monday, 1 April 2024 - Thursday, 16 May 2024 Applications must be received by 17:00

8. Prizes
President’s Award (1), EHS Executive Vice President’s Award (1), EHS Director General’s Award (multiple)
Disaster prevention goods are planned to be presented to prize winners as supplementary prizes along with certificates.
9. Selection, Announcement, etc.
The selection will be carried out by a selection committee consisting of the President, EHS Executive Vice President and members of EHS.
Winners will be contacted in late June at the e-mail address provided in the application.

10. Prize for participation
All applicants will receive a participation prize.
Please check the application form for details on how to receive the prize.

11. Contact information

Department in charge: Safety Planning Team, Environmental Safety Group
Tel: 21051 (internal), 03-5841-1051 (direct dial)


Access Map
Kashiwa Campus
Hongo Campus
Komaba Campus