MOOC - Professor Kiichi Fujiwara “Conditions of War and Peace”

October 15, 2013

Date of activity: October 15, 2013

On October 15, the University of Tokyo launched “Conditions of War and Peace,” a new course taught by Kiichi Fujiwara, professor of International Politics at the University of Tokyo, on the Coursera online learning platform.

What are the conditions that lead to war and peace? When are wars necessary? Such open-ended questions permit a multitude of different answers. In this course, Professor Fujiwara emphasizes the importance of developing the analytical skills to find our own better answers to these questions.

Students will learn the basic issues being discussed in current peace and security studies research using case studies such as the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and the Iraq War. This course aims to provide students with the analytic skills to find their own better answers to the questions posed.

Introductory Video Clip

"Conditions of War and Peace" Course Website:

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