Engineering Students participated in the Boeing Earth Day event via the Internet

May 22, 2013

Date of activity: April 26, 2013

In 2012, the University of Tokyo received a grant from The Boeing Company for a project to foster “promising scientists and engineers who will lead the world’s future” under the Boeing Higher Education Program. As part of the project, 9 graduate and undergraduate students of the engineering school participated in the Boeing Earth Day event via the Internet from the Tokyo office of Boeing Japan on 26 April 2013.

The students are taking the “International Aviation System Project-Based-Learning (PBL)” course, which is open to students of any year and major The objectives of the course are to learn about foreign aerospace companies, become familiar with the breadth of operations necessary to run an aerospace company and gain experience by working in a cross-cultural environment (with Japanese, American, and British personnel in an American corporate culture). The course conducts the project activities in English and students from Tohoku University and Nagoya University also joins the course via the Internet.

Even though the Boeing Earth Day event, which was conducted by the Boeing Environment Team in Seattle, was held early in the morning Japan time, about 25 students from the three universities actively participated in the discussion with Boeing employees from Seattle and Tokyo. Students learned the requirements on environment-related performances of the aircraft, such as noise, air quality and green house gas emission, and the movement to make the product life-cycle more environmentally friendly, from production to retirement and reuse.

Boeing Higher Education Program (Japanese)

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  • Boeing Earth Day event via the Internet
    Boeing Earth Day event via the Internet

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