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August 22, 2013

Date of activity: August 22, 2013

Starting September 3, the University of Tokyo and Coursera bring you "From the Big Bang to Dark Energy" taught by Professor Hitoshi Murayama, a world leading researcher into the nature of our Universe. Starting from basic concepts and utilizing everything from human intuition to the most recent research advances, Professor Murayama will address the following fundamental questions that all of us have asked at some point:

- How did the Universe begin?
- What is its fate?
- What is it made of?
- What are its fundamental laws?
- Where do we come from?

In this course students will learn how new research and findings such as the Higgs boson, dark matter, anti-matter, and dark energy help answer the above questions. Professor Murayama has organized the course to accommodate both students with or without a mathematical background. He is well-known for his clear lectures for students and general audiences and is an award-winning author for his 2011 book "What is the Universe Made of?" (in Japanese).

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