Media Studio, iiiUTokyo Opens

April 6, 2016

Date of activity: March 24, 2016

The opening ceremony for the Media Studio, iiiUTokyo took place on March 24th, 2016. This studio provides media production facilities for students aiming to become journalists and video creators.
The new studio occupies approximately 100m2 on the seventh floor of the III Main Building. Its functional layout includes a soundproofed video and audio studio (suitable for chroma-key shooting), a control room for multi-camera recording and live streaming, and an editing room.
Video cameras and other equipment are available for loan and use outside the facility. All students are eligible to use these advanced resources after attending the required training sessions.
Throughout the year, the III will hold various workshops and seminars in which students can enjoy learning video production skills, in addition to practical classes in documentary and studio program production. 
The Media Studio, iiiUTokyo will also function as a new center enhancing the University’s ability to diffuse information in the digital media age, linking up with broadcasting stations, Internet media, and leading journalists and video creators.

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