The 14th Homecoming Day Held

October 26, 2015

Date of activity: October 17, 2015

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, the 14th Homecoming Day was held on the Hongo and Komaba Campuses.

Firstly, a Special Forum under the title of "Yasuda Auditorium - a newly renovated symbol and a witness of its 90-year history" took place in the newly-renovated Yasuda Auditorium.

At the beginning of the Forum, Dr. Takaaki Kajita, the recent Nobel Laureate in Physics was introduced and he gave a short speech summarized below to an audience which included alumni as well as the general public.
"About 120 staff are conducting international collaborative research in Super Kamiokande. Although most of the staff are mainly from Japan and the US, UTokyo has led the research as the host research institution. Young graduate students, researchers as well as staff focus on research day and night at the site. The reason why I have been awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics was the cumulative results of these quite outstanding power of the young people here at UTokyo. Such complicated observatory equipment as the Super Kamiokande would never have been realized without the comprehensive strength of UTokyo. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the people of the UTokyo community. Thank you!"
The surprise appearance of Dr. Kajita was welcomed with thunderous applause at the Yasuda Auditorium.
Other events included the "Yasuda Auditorium Music Festival," the first event sponsored by alumni and current students, "Visiting Yasuda Auditorium," other seminars/symposiums that were presented under various themes, and the "Ginkgo Lined Promenade Festa" where a wide range of street performances took place and canned drinks offered by a company supporting the event were served free.
Exchanges transcending generational boundaries, as well as friendships were made throughout both campuses as a result of this event.

The 15th Homecoming Day is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 15th, 2016.


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