AY 2016 Spring Undergraduate Commencement Held

March 24, 2017

Date of activity: March 24, 2017

The University of Tokyo AY 2016 Spring Undergraduate Commencement was held at Yasuda Auditorium on Friday, March 24th, 2017.
The ceremony for students from the Faculties in the science disciplines started at 9:15, while the ceremony for those from the Faculties in the humanities disciplines started at 11:30.
Followed by the University of Tokyo Orchestra’s performance of the first movement of Symphony No. 29 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the ceremonies began as the president, guests, the executive vice presidents, and deans of the Faculties ascended to the stage in their academic gowns.
The ceremonies opened with President Gonokami awarding diplomas to graduates representative of each Faculty. President Gonokami then gave a speech to the audience, and two representative graduates (Ms. Juri Nakashima from the Faculty of Agriculture in the first ceremony and Mr. Junki Kanda from the Faculty of Education in the second ceremony) made addresses in reply on behalf of the entire graduating class, after which the ceremonies were concluded.

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