GLP-GEfIL Program's second graduation celebration

March 8, 2019

GLP-GEfIL is a transdisciplinary, university-wide undergraduate program. It is carefully designed to equip students with the vision, communication skills, and competences needed to play creative roles in global society. On February 1st, 2019, the second graduation ceremony took place: 96 students have now graduated from the program to date.

58 new graduates were awarded the certificate of completion by Professor Haneda,  Executive Vice President of UTokyo. After the congratulatory message from Professor Haneda, Mr. Ohno, General Manager of Corporate Sustainability Department of Sumitomo  Corporation gave a congratulatory address.  Sumitomo Corporation is a “UTokyo GLP Leading Partner” of late.

Graduate awarded the certificate of completion
Prof. Haneda, EVP, UTokyo
Mr. Shigeki Ohno, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability Dept., SUMITOMO CORPORATION
After the congratulatory speech, five female graduates took the podium about what they have achieved and gained through the GLP-GEfIL program.  Currently , roughly 20% of undergraduate students at the University of Tokyo are female; on the GLP-GEfIL program, however, about 50% are female students.

(From Left) Dongying REN (Faculty of Letters), Naomi ELLIS (College of Arts and Sciences), Sora YAMAGUCHI (Faculty of Agriculture), Teruyo FUJISAKI(Faculty of Medicine), Maria MATSUMOTO (Faculty of Economics)

The GLP-GEfIL Program is open to all undergraduate students of UTokyo. The selection process takes place in the summer to autumn period for second year undergraduate students (first year for PEAK students):  335 students have entered GLP-GEfIL program to date. Graduates are welcome to join the GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP, where they can continue to embrace their global networking platform after graduation.

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