The 4th UTokyo Global Advisory Board Meeting Held

December 17, 2020

The Fourth UTokyo Global Advisory Board Meeting was held online on November 12th (Thursday) and 13th (Friday) (Japan Standard Time). Due to time differences, the board members were divided into two groups, while the organization, management, as well as the contents for both days were the same. A total of 28 board members from Japan and overseas (18 on the first day, 10 on the second), President Gonokami, Executive Vice President Shirahase and other members of the university’s senior leadership attended the meeting. The theme for this meeting was "New Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education in the Post-COVID-19 World and UTokyo Beyond 2020".
To begin, President Gonokami gave a presentation entitled "The University of Tokyo Beyond 2020". In this presentation, he introduced both the Tokyo College and the Center for Global Commons, whose establishment benefitted from discussions in past board meetings, and the University Bonds that were issued this October. Following the presentation, the meeting organizers showed a video of interviews with 10 UTokyo students to the audience. There was an active exchange of opinions on the initiatives taken by UTokyo to become a platform for social change from a global perspective during the discussion session. Participants discussed about UTokyo’s unique role in contributing more effectively to the global community.
With President Gonokami stepping down from his post as president next March, the participating board members sent messages to him one by one. Prof. Fujii then made a short speech as the President-elect. The meeting ended with a message of thanks from President Gonokami to the attendees. The Fourth UTokyo Global Advisory Board Meeting was successfully completed.
This was the last of the Global Advisory Board meeting, but over the years the university has received lots of feedback and advices from the board members ever since the meetings were reestablished as the UTokyo Advisory Board from the President’s Council. Discussions of previous meetings have come into fruition in the form of the establishment of Tokyo College and the Center for Global Commons, as already mentioned above. We will continue to make full use of the advices we have received from the board members for the development of our university.
* Participating board members for Day 1 (November 12, 2020)
Dr. Jacques Attali, Chairman, A&A  
Dr. Marta Szigeti Bonifert, Vice-President, Institute of Directors (IoD) Hungary
Mr. Bill Emmott, International author and advisor
Dr. Victor Kwok-King Fung, Group Chairman, Fung Group
Prof. Sadaoki Furui, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Prof. Frederick G. Hilmer, Emeritus President, The University of New South Wales
Mr. Hassan Jameel, Deputy President & Vice Chairman, Abdul Latif Jameel Company Ltd.
Prof. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Professor Emeritus, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and the University of Tokyo
Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Enterprises
Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys Limited
Mr. Stefan Noreen, Former Ambassador of Sweden to Japan
Mr. Pär Nuder, Chairman of the Foundation for the Swedish-Estonian Cooperation Fund; Chairman of the Board, Hemsö AB
Prof. Carmencita D. Padilla, Chancellor, University of the Philippines Manila
Prof. Kari Olavi Raivio, Chancellor Emeritus, The University of Helsinki
Mr. Andreas Schleicher, Director, the Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD
Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman, World Economic Forum
Prof. Yoshinori Yokoyama, Social Systems Architect
Prof. Michael Y. Yoshino, Herman C. Krannert Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School
* Participating board members for Day 2 (November 13, 2020)
Prof. Christina Cameron, Professor Emerita, Université de Montréal
Prof. Rita R. Colwell, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
Prof. Luciano Coutinho, Guest Full Professor of Economics, University of Campinas – UNICAMP
Prof. Hiroshi Komiyama, Chairman of the Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Prof. Anthony James Leggett, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Prof. John Mark Ramseyer, Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies Harvard Law School
Prof. Emma Rothschild, Jeremy and Jane Knowles Professor of History, Harvard University, and Affiliated Faculty, Harvard Law School
Prof. Wan Wang, Council Member, Board of Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University
Prof. Zhihong Xu, Boya Chair Professor of Peking University, Academician of China Academy of Sciences
Mr. Peter Suk-Mynn Yoon, Chairman, SBS Media Group and Taeyoung Group

UTokyo Global Advisory Board’s First Online Meeting: Day One

UTokyo Global Advisory Board’s First Online Meeting: Day Two

Video of ten UTokyo students talking about their story with UTokyo shown

President Gonokami listening to messages from the participating board members
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