UTokyo Global Navigation Board (GNB) First Online Meeting held

March 29, 2024

The UTokyo Global Navigation Board First Online Meeting was held on March 3, 2023 (Japan Standard Time). A total of four board members from Japan and overseas, President Fujii, and members of the university’s senior leaders attended the meeting.

To begin the first meeting, President Fujii gave a presentation regarding the overview of UTokyo and "UTokyo Compass". Following the presentation, the board members introduced themselves. The participants then discussed UTokyo’s unique role in creating the future through dialogue in the discussion session where an active exchange of opinions on the initiatives taken by UTokyo under the UTokyo Compass took place. 
We will continue to make full use of the advice we have received from the board members for the development of our university.

*For the details of the UTokyo Global Navigation Board, please refer to the following webpage.


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