ICUS Open Lecture: Perspectives of Mathematical Optimization in Social Systems

November 28, 2016


Type Lecture
Intended for General public / Enrolled students / International students / Alumni / University students
Date(s) December 1, 2016 13:15 — 17:30
Location Komaba Area Campus
Venue Anniversary Hall, S-building, Institute of Industrial Science
Capacity 100 people
Entrance Fee No charge
Registration Method No advance registration required
Contact Honma Lab
International Center for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS)
Institute of Industrial Science
ex. 56379

Mathematical optimization is one of the essential techniques for developing social systems. Similar to civil and architectural infrastructures, it could be said that mathematical optimization is another "infrastructure" supporting our society. In this lecture, Dr. Bixby and Dr. Rothberg, who have both developed the most sophisticated optimization software programs in the world (CPLEX and Gurobi), will explain to us not only the theoretical background of mathematical optimization but also provide plenty of examples of its actual application.
The schedule of the lecture is as follows:
13:00- Opening Remarks
13:30- Lecture 1: How to apply the optimization? -Example of setting school area in Oregon Portland, U.S.A.- (Dr. Rothberg)
15-minute Break
14:45- Short Lecture: Case study in Japan
15-minute Break
15:30- Lecture 2: Business and Mathematics: A Saga of 25 Years of Progress in Optimization (Dr. Bixby)
17:15- Closing Remarks

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