Science Cafe "Universe" - Soap Bubbles, Spacetime, and Structures

May 22, 2017


Type Lecture
Intended for General public / Enrolled students / Applying students / International students / Alumni / Companies / Junior high school students / High school students / University students
Date(s) June 24, 2017 14:00 — 15:30
Location Other campuses/off-campus
Venue Tamarokuto Science Center, Event Hall
Capacity 48 people
Entrance Fee Charged
500 Yen; Admission Fee for Tamarokuto Science Center (Free for junior high and high school students)
Registration Method Advance registration required
Registration Period — June 12, 2017
Contact Please contact the Kavli IPMU Public Relations Office (
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What’s the link between soap bubbles and Einstein’s theory of relativity? The answer is the mathematical idea of “curvature”: how much things bend. The shape of a soap bubble is set by simple equations which relate the bending of its surface with the force pushing on it; the equations of general relativity relate the bending of space and time with the presence of mass and energy. We’ll investigate this through experiments with soap bubbles to explain their surprising shapes, and see how the same mathematics can help us build elegant structures and smart transport networks.

This event is in English.

  • William Donovan, Kavli IPMU Project Researcher (Mathematics)>
    William Donovan, Kavli IPMU Project Researcher (Mathematics)

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