Local UTokyo Projects: Regional projects underway across Japan

December 18, 2018

32 Local UTokyo Projects
Held across Japan, from Kanto, Chubu and Western Tokyo to Itabashi and Hongo
Numerous projects are being held across Japan by the University of Tokyo, and we introduce 32 of them in this edition of
Tansei. On themes as varied as teacher training, farming, production of local goods and association football, these projects are just some examples of those now under way. UTokyo was, is, and will be engaging in projects with partners all across the country.

Regional projects underway across Japan (major projects)

Project Number External Partner(s) Internal Partner(s) Period and Outline Objectives and Comments
3 Ōmuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture Institute of Gerontology Concluded a framework partnership agreement in Feb. 2017. Foster the development of Ōmuta City, a place that is facing the challenges of an aging population, and contribute to Japan’s academic and scientific progress.
4 Ōmihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture Institute of Gerontology Announced a plan to create a Japanese version of the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Mar. 2016. Provide information to elderly people from urban areas such as Tokyo about active living in other regions.
5 Fukui Prefecture Institute of Gerontology Concluded an agreement on gerontology research for the promotion of comprehensive measures for the elderly in Jun. 2017. Create a society where people can continue to lead active lives in a familiar environment through to their later years.
6 Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Institute of Gerontology Launched the “Frailty Check” project in Chigasaki City in academic year 2015. Make diagnoses on the diminution of both physical and mental strength (extent of frailty) in accordance with aging.
7 Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) Concluded a framework partnership agreement in Jun. 2017. The Shinshu University Research Center for Social Systems, RCAST, and Karuizawa Town implemented a cooperative project. Make use of mutual expertise and abilities to foster exchange between researchers, industry-academic collaboration, and human resource development. Professor Katsuya Tamai is in charge of the project.
8 Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto University RCAST Concluded a framework partnership agreement in Apr. 2017. Take a creative approach to recovery from the Kumamoto Earthquake for the further development of the region.
9 Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture RCAST RCAST and Obuse Town jointly established a community lab in Jul. 2016. Conduct practical research to create a method to rebuild and revitalize the community. Professor Hideki Koizumi is in charge of the project.
10 Ishikawa Prefecture and the Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization RCAST Concluded an agreement on collaboration and cooperation for R&D in the field of renewable energy in Mar. 2012. Foster revitalization activities for regional industry by using RCAST’s “research seeds.”
11 Saitama Prefecture, Akiōta Town in Hiroshima Prefecture, and other municipalities (16 in total) Center for Research and Development on Transition from Secondary to Higher Education (CoREF unit) The New Learning Project in partnership with educational boards across Japan has been running since academic year 2010. Support the creation of a community of teachers who will give classes for “collaborative learning.”
12 Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Center for Research and Development on Transition from Secondary to Higher Education (CoREF unit) Concluded a partnership agreement with the educational board of Kawaguchi City in May 2017. Conduct demonstrative research concerning “active learning” classes, thereby improving the quality of education.
13 Hida City, Gifu Prefecture Institute for Cosmic Ray Research Concluded a partnership agreement in Jan. 2017. (The Institute has its core experimental facility in Kamioka Town in Hida City.) Promote the development of academic and scientific research, human resources, and local communities.
14 Ibaraki and Hiroshima Prefectures, and others The University of Tokyo Hospital Established a telepathology center to foster regional collaboration in 2013. Support hospitals without pathologists with telepathology and high-precision pathology.
15 Ōtsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture The University Museum Launched the Todai Kyoshitsu @ Ōtsuchi project at the Ōtsuchi Bunka House located inside the central municipal hall in 2013. Send researchers from the University of Tokyo to Ōtsuchi to give lectures and hold workshops.
16 Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture Institute of Industrial Science, and the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences Concluded an agreement to start the Pecans for Revitalizing Japanese Agriculture and Local Economy Project in Jul. 2017. Produce and distribute pecans, a food that is attracting considerable attention for its anti-aging benefits.
17 Tamarokuto Science Center Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences Concluded a cooperative agreement with the Science Center, which is operated by five cities – Kodaira, Higashimurayama, Kiyose, Higashikurume, and Nishitokyo – in Jun. 2017. Provide citizens with opportunities to learn about the findings made at research facilities. (*Also concluded a cooperative agreement with the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research in May 2015.)

Note: This article was originally printed in Tansei 35 (Japanese language only). All information in this article is as of September 2017.

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