Hongo Keyaki Day Nursery

To improve the working and learning environment and to promote gender equality at the University of Tokyo by establishing a nursery school for children who are being brought up by teaching staff, students, and researchers within the grounds of the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus, as a measure to support the balance of “child raising and work”, “child raising and research” and “child raising and study”.


Operator The University of Tokyo
Opened April 14, 2008
Capacity Regular Daycare 30 children
Occasional Daycare Only if there is vacancy
Age 7 weeks ~ under 2 years old (as of April 1, 2019)
User Faculty, staff (including part-timers), or students (including graduate students, international students, researchers, etc.) of the University of Tokyo
Type of daycare Regular Daycare Service provided Monday through Friday regularly
Saturday Daycare Service provided during regular nursery hours on Saturday
Occasional Daycare Service provided only at the designated times/days, and/or on a temporary basis
Opening Hours Monday ~ Friday 7:30 ~ 21:00
Saturday 8:30 ~ 19:00
Closing Day Sunday, National holidays, December 29 ~ January 3
Management The nursery is managed by the company that the university consigned.
The number of staff will vary according to the number of children. However, childcare shall be provided at all times by the number of child caregivers which meets the minimum standard number required for child welfare facilities by law.
*** It might be difficult to use Occasional Daycare except during Extended Hours on weekdays and Saturday Daycare, because the nursery accepts children only if vacancies arise in Regular Daycare.

Daycare Hours

Regular Daycare Regular Daycare A 8:30 ~ 18:30
Regular Daycare B 9:00 ~ 19:00
Extended Daycare 7:30 ~ 21:00 exclude the chosen Regular Daycare Hours (charged per 30 minutes)
Saturday Daycare 8:30 ~ 19:00 (charged per 30 minutes)
Occasional Daycare 7:30 ~ 21:00 (charged per 30 minutes)

Daycare Fees

Regular Daycare

Basic Daycare Fees (monthly unit)
Age Certified Household Income
More than
10 million yen
10 million yen
 or less
8 million yen
 or less
6 million yen
 or less
4 million yen
 or less
2 million yen
 or less
1 million yen
 or less
0 77,000yen 66,000yen 45,000yen 35,000yen 30,000yen 13,000yen 3,000yen
1 76,000yen 63,000yen
2 75,000yen 60,000yen
Other Fees
Meals (lunch / dinner) 250yen per meal
Supplementary meals 100yen per meal
Snacks (twice a day) 50 yen per snack
Extended Daycare 300 yen per 30 minutes
Saturday Daycare 450 yen per 30 minutes

Occasional Daycare

Registration Fee 5,000yen
Daycare Fee 300 yen per 30 minutes
Meals (lunch / dinner) 250yen per meal
Supplementary meals 100yen per meal
Snacks 50 yen per snack
Saturday Daycare 450 yen per 30 minutes