Researcher Support

Start-up Research Grant Program for Female Faculty Members

This program provides newly-appointed female faculty members with research grants that will allow them to start research activities in an independent manner.

Eligible persons: faculty members

Fund to Support Female Researchers with their Research Skills Training

The research support grants are allocated to those who meet the requirements as a way of encouraging them to improve their research skills by actively presenting their research results to others.

Eligible persons: Researchers (excluding professors)

Restart-up Research Grant Program

This Grant Program is designed to provide researchers who experienced an interruption in their research activities due to life events (childbirth, childcare, family care, etc.) with a grant so that they may return to their research activities smoothly and build a diverse research environment.

Eligible persons: Researchers (both female and male)

The list of startup/upskilling/re-startup programs

This list contains eligibility conditions and details of the startup/upskilling/re-startup support programs.


Subsidies for arranging researcher support personnel

For faculty members who have difficulty setting aside time for research due to child or family care, pregnancy, or childbirth, the university offers financial support covering costs to employ short-time fixed-term faculty and staff members, and teaching, research and other assistants.

Eligible persons: faculty members

Childcare support for use of babysitting services

The university issues a certain discount coupon for babysitting services which provides a discount of up to 4,400 yen per child (two coupons’ worth) from the regular daily fee. (Applicable to both female and male faculty and staff members)

Eligible persons: faculty, staff members

UTokyo Women events

The university organizes events as a space for information sharing and interchange to help UTokyo female researchers build their careers, continue with their research and create networks.

Eligible persons: faculty members, Students

The follow-up mentoring system for female faculty members

The university provides opportunities for female faculty members to consult with experienced and capable faculty members so that they will get rid of anxieties and worries after taking up a new position and focus on education and research activities.

Eligible persons: faculty members