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Measuring manganite’s electronic response

Phase-separated material may see application in novel sensors and memory devices


Graduate School of Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

Device structure of manganite thin film showing phase separation © Masashi Kawasaki

Electronic responses from metallic domains, insulating domains, and their interfaces are successfully measured in a phase-separated manganese oxide thin film by investigating capacitance change against the frequency of applied AC electric fields. The achievement was realized by Yoshinori Tokura (professor at the University of Tokyo Department of Applied Physics and group director of Riken), Masashi Kawasaki (professor at the University of Tokyo Department of Applied Physics and team leader of the RIKEN strongly correlated interface device team), researcher Zhigao Sheng and Masao Nakamura from the RIKEN cross-correlated superstructure research team, and Fumitaka Kagawa (lecturer at the University of Tokyo Department of Applied Physics). This achievement is important in understanding electronic properties in a phase-separated state, and also may pave the way for applications in novel memory devices and sensors exploiting phase-separated phenomena.

Press release


Zhigao Sheng, Masao Nakamura, Fumitaka Kagawa, Masashi Kawasaki ,Yoshinori Tokura,
“Dynamics of multiple phases in a colossal-magnetoresistive manganite as revealed by dielectric spectroscopy”,
Nature Communications Online Edition: 2012/7/10 (Japan time), doi: 10.1038/ncomms1943.
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