Princeton Days at UTokyo: Progress Report on the Strategic Partnership

April 6, 2016

Date of activity: March 17, 2016 - March 18, 2016

The University of Tokyo hosted Princeton University officials, faculty members and alumni for the “Princeton Days at UTokyo: Progress Report on the Strategic Partnership” event that was held on March 17 and 18. Various activities have been carried out by the two institutions within the strategic partnership that was established between the two universities in 2013.
Progress reports were presented by the lead professors of the jointly funded teaching and research collaboration programs. UTokyo students who had studied at Princeton through the University-wide student exchange programs and project-based exchange programs also gave presentations reporting on their experiences. The reports on the administrative staff exchange were also given by those who took part in the staff exchange program. The Princeton delegation intently listened to the presentation on the “Top Global University” project given by Professor Sekimura, Deputy Director General of the Division of International Affairs of UTokyo.
We also had the great privilege of hosting the following major donors: Mr. Toyoo Gyohten, President of the Institute for International Monetary Affairs, along with Mr. Mitsutaka Ogasawara, Executive Director of the Ogasawara Foundation and Mr. Ryoji Nakamura, Managing Officer of the Ogasawara Foundation.

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  • Princeton and UTokyo members
    Princeton and UTokyo members
  • Talk given by Vice Provost Anastasia Vrachnos
    Talk given by Vice Provost Anastasia Vrachnos
  • Presentation by UTokyo students
    Presentation by UTokyo students
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