President Gonokami Attends Seoul National University’s 2018 Matriculation Ceremony

March 15, 2018

Date of activity: March 2, 2018

On Friday, 2 March 2018, President Gonokami attended the 2018 Matriculation Ceremony of Seoul National University.

The ceremony started at 11:00 am in Seoul National University’s Gymnasium. Following the ceremonial address by President Sung of Seoul National University, President Gonokami gave a congratulatory address to the newly enrolled students.

Seoul National University is one of our important counterparts within the framework of the Strategic Partnership University Project. Taking our long history of collaboration in both research and education, we were able to take this opportunity to communicate our desire to further deepen student exchange between the two universities and to become partners that can overcome the changes of society together.

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 President Gonokami's Address at the 2018 SNU Matriculation Ceremony
 Strategic Partnerships Project

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