New UTokyo LMS (UTOL) Logo Announcement

February 16, 2024

The University of Tokyo Information Technology Center starts operating a new Learning Management System (LMS) in March 2024.
With the renaming of the system from ITC-LMS to UTOL (UTokyo LMS), we held an open call for a new logo design within the university.
We received over 200 entries, and as a result of a rigorous review by the New Learning Management System Logo Design Selection Committee, the following design was adopted. This logo will be used on the UTOL website, in manuals, brochures, and university websites introducing UTOL.

New Logo

New Logomark

Design Explanation

The design uses the University of Tokyo's school colors to enhance visibility. The circle in the "O" represents the connection between faculty and students through UTOL, and the surrounding circles indicate the expansion of this connection. The inclusion of the text "UTokyoLMS" on the right side makes it clear what UTOL stands for. We hope that this logo, which retains the atmosphere of the text in the previous logo, will help everyone feel more familiar with UTOL.

Winner's Comment

I didn't expect my design to be chosen, so I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you very much.

Comment from the Head of the Selection Committee

Thank you for your entries to the logo design for the University of Tokyo's new learning management system, "UTOL (UTokyo LMS)". The chosen logo symbolically represents the evolution to a new system while retaining a trace of the font from the ITC-LMS logo that has been in operation until the 2023 academic year. Its simplicity as a logo for a platform that is often used for distributing learning materials and managing reports was also highly evaluated. We hope that the new logo will help to promote familiarity with the name UTOL.
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