On Japan’s gender gap index (2023) (Message from the President)

June 26, 2023

According to the latest gender gap rankings of the World Economic Forum released on June 20, 2023, Japan has dropped nine positions from the previous year and now ranks at 125th out of 146 countries (, p11). This represents the country's lowest ranking since the inception of the index in 2006.

As a leader of one of Japan's premier institutions of higher education, which attracts students of various countries, I am deeply concerned about the persistent gender inequity in our society. This troubling reality compels me to strengthen my commitment to resolve this situation.

Diversity and inclusion is a fundamental value embedded in the university's management principle, UTokyo Compass, which was announced during the year of my inauguration in 2021.

Consistent with this philosophy, we issued a "Statement on Diversity & Inclusion" in June 2022 and, later in November, initiated the "UTokyo Gender Equity Initiative #WeChange" ( These initiatives represent our full commitment to fostering an environment where everyone can realize their full potential.

It is the University of Tokyo's responsibility to promote gender diversity among its members and cultivate leaders who are critically aware of the pervasive discrimination and injustices in our society. The challenge we face is not solely for the betterment of the university, but also to enhance the diversity of Japanese society as a whole.

As President of the University of Tokyo, I will not be discouraged by the current reality and remain steadfast in my commitment to raising awareness for gender equity and other critical issues, working to eradicate every form of discrimination. I will continue to collaborate with every member of the society, harnessing all forms of knowledge and insight available at the university, to actively work towards the realization of a fair and inclusive society.

June 26, 2023
FUJII Teruo, President
The University of Tokyo

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