UTokyo launches diversity and inclusion campaign

March 8, 2022

The University of Tokyo has launched a campaign aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion on campus, and making the university a place where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive. The initiative, called UTokyo D&I Campaign 2022, will run from March through June 2022.

The campaign’s aim aligns with the principles laid out in UTokyo Compass, a statement of the university’s guiding principles announced in September 2021 and put forth under the leadership of President Teruo Fujii, who took office in April the same year. The statement sets out to promote dialogue and realize three basic principles: creation through dialogue, diversity and inclusion, and reimagining the university as a place anyone in the world would want to join. It reinforces the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and this campaign is a part of the drive to promote and realize these principles.

Among the campaign’s planned projects are the establishment of UTokyo’s declaration of diversity and inclusion, and the introduction and adoption of a specially commissioned logo to add visibility, cohesion and unity to its activities. The campaign will also provide opportunities for faculty, staff and students to interact with each other and engage in dialogue open to society, as well as participate in activities to foster awareness and encourage behavioral change toward the realization of diversity and inclusion.

“This is the first time UTokyo is undertaking a universitywide campaign underscoring its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we are very excited and anxious to carry out this endeavor in earnest,” said Professor Kaori Hayashi, executive vice president in charge of diversity and inclusion who is among the executive members spearheading the campaign. “Diversity and inclusion are something we can all build together, and I hope that we can spread the word both within and outside the university and encourage as many people as we can to participate in this campaign.”

Amid the global conflicts and divisions in today’s world, UTokyo aims to promote dialogue open to diversity and work in tandem with society to create an ideal vision of the future. To this end, the university also anticipates this campaign will become an annual event to help realize these goals.

Campaign features

1. Dissemination of diversity and inclusion-related information

Articles and event information related to diversity and inclusion will be aggregated and published on the following webpage:

Web content showcasing UTokyo’s diversity and inclusion initiatives

Information for junior high, high school and female students, as well as information on diversity and inclusion-related research, will also be posted there. Recent events include the online Tokyo College International Women’s Day Event Series and a webinar on whether virtual reality technology can promote awareness of unconscious bias, hosted by the Institute for Future Initiatives.

2. Declaration of diversity and inclusion

The university will prepare and adopt a declaration of diversity and inclusion to guide its commitment to realize an inclusive campus where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive.

3. Diversity and inclusion dialogue series

Diversity and inclusion-related dialogues with President Fujii and other dialogue activities are planned. The series of dialogues will serve as an impetus to raise awareness both within and outside the university community, and all members will work together with society to realize the goals set out in the university’s declaration.

4. D&I campaign logo

The D&I (diversity and inclusion) logo below was specially commissioned for this campaign and will be used in diversity and inclusion-related activities.

UTokyo D&I campaign logo

The logo incorporates a motif based on the fan-shaped ginkgo leaf, also used in the UTokyo logo. Each letter is created by morphing (transforming by computer) two leaves, producing delicate gradations and leaving trails of beautiful lines, which represent a university rich in diversity and undergoing transformation.

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