CAMPUS Asia Symposium

November 24, 2015


Type Lecture
Intended for General public / Enrolled students / Applying students / International students / Alumni / Companies / High school students / University students
Date(s) December 18, 2015 13:00 — 17:00
Location Hongo Area Campus
Venue Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building
Capacity 200 people
Entrance Fee No charge
Registration Method Advance registration required

Title: CAMPUS Asia Symposium – Japan-China-South Korea's Past·Present·Future
Sponsored by the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy
Co-sponsored by Peking University's Graduate School of International Relations,
Seoul National University's Graduate School of International Studies
Date and Time: December 18, 2015 (Friday) 13:00 – 17:00
Location: The University of Tokyo, Hongo
                  Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (情報学環)
    Campus Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building
Language: Japanese, English (Simultaneous interpretation will be provided)
Time schedule:
13:00-13:10 Opening remarks
13:10-13:55 Lecture from Peking University (Professor Xiaobo Chu)
13:55-14:40 Lecture from Seoul National University (Professor YoungHae Han)
14:40-14:50 Break
14:50-15:35 Lecture from the University of Tokyo (Professor Akio Takahara)
15:35-16:45 Panel discussion by students
16:45-16:55 Overview
16:55-17:00 Closing Remarks

Purpose of the Symposium
As actors that contribute to peace and prosperity in East Asia, Japan, China, and South Korea are also expected to take a strong role in leadership regarding global issues. However, historical and territorial issues have strained the three countries' relations. Fortunately, in November 2015, the three countries were able to hold a Trilateral Summit in Seoul. It has been their first summit since 2012 and relations are starting to improve.
In order to resolve Japan-China-South Korea relations, it is important to first understand current issues and then identify the cause. Therefore, while each country should present their argument and supporting evidence, the parties must objectively accept the opponent's argument as well. In order to alleviate current strains and further strengthen partnership, the three universities will be holding the joint symposium "CAMPUS Asia Symposium – Japan-China-South Korea's Past·Present·Future." Professors from each University will be providing a lecture regarding the three countries' relations. Afterwards, current CAMPUS Asia students will discuss challenges faced by the countries and present possible solutions. With this year being the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, we would like to end this year with a fruitful discussion. While this event is open to the public, we would especially extend the invitation to high school students, college students, and business firms.
We would appreciate it if journalists could attend the Symposium to write and collect material for publication.
If you would like to participate, please send an email identifying your company's name, number of participants, and whether you would like to take photographs or not to the following:

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