Purifying and Maximizing the Gains from Environmental Finance

October 25, 2022


Type Lecture
Intended for General public / Enrolled students / International students / Alumni / Academic and Administrative Staff
Date(s) October 27, 2022 16:30 — 18:00
Location In-person and online
Venue Lecture Hall B, 4th floor, International Academic Research Building and Online
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Registration Period October 20, 2022 — October 27, 2022
Environmental finance has gradually gained popular support globally since the mid-2000s. Its momentum continues, as shown by the growing issuance of green bonds in recent years. People see it as a way to achieve the dual goal of environmental sustainability and financial sector contribution to the global climate change challenges. Environmental finance or green finance can potentially ensure a better environmental outcome by promoting green projects or minimizing the negative impacts on the environment and is aligned with the delivering efforts of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. However, there are concerns about a deceitful marketing approach in green finance dubbed “greenwashing.”

Guest Speakers Seminar, in collaboration with Yonsei University’s Graduate School of Environmental Finance, focuses on the potential pitfalls of green finance to purify and maximize the gains from such finance. The speakers from Korea will discuss the performance of green finance and then set the agenda by asking, “How can we detect greenwashing?”

16:30-16:35     Opening remarks
Prof. Toshiro NISHIZAWA, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Jung Sik YOO, Yonsei University

16:35-17:20     Presentations
“Analysis of Green Bond Premium and Pricing Factors in the Korea Primary Market” by Mr. Do Heon KIM & Prof. Suk HYUN, Graduate School of Environmental Finance, Yonsei University

“Climate Change and Macroeconomic Performance: Evidence from Korea” by Prof. Seong Hoon KIM, Graduate School of Environmental Finance, Yonsei University

“Do ESG Stocks Perform Better? A Portfolio Approach from the NYSE” by Prof. Prol Javier LOPEZ, Graduate School of Environmental Finance, Yonsei University

17:20-17:30     Agenda setting: How can we detect greenwashing?
Dr. Yongjik LEE, Graduate School of Environmental Finance, Yonsei University
Mr. Take CHO, Green Finance Forum-Korea

17:30-18:00     Panel discussion
Prof. Chung Sik YOO
Prof. Suk HYUN
Prof. Seong Hoon KIM
Prof. Prol Javier LOPEZ
Dr. Yongjik LEE
Mr. Take CHO
Dr. Inhyung LEE, Korea Capital Market Institute

Moderator: Prof. Toshiro NISHIZAWA

18:00     Closing
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