EDGE-NEXT entrepreneur education program Pre-Basic Phase 3rd session

April 28, 2021

Event Details

Event Type Lecture
Intended for General public / Enrolled students / Alumni / Companies / Academic and Administrative Staff
Date(s) May 21, 2021 17:30 — 19:30
Location Other campuses/off-campus
Venue Online by Zoom
Entrance Fee No charge
Registration Method Advance registration required

Please register at the following site.

Registration Period — May 18, 2021

The University of Tokyo, Division of University Corporate Relations, EDGE-NEXT Office
E-mail:  edgenext  @
(When contacting, please remove blanks before and after @.)


EDGE-NEXT by UTokyo is an entrepreneurship education program which develops global
entrepreneurs and enables participants to create business plans based on research seeds.
This year we newly set up a Pre-Basic Phase and will focus on solving SDGs issues.
We provide talks about SDGs by invited professors of UTokyo, briefing on the EDGE-NEXT
program, and networking through self-introductions for finding team members to solve
problems. As a program whole, participants will challenge themselves to make business
plans based on their passion for problem solving and their skills and knowledge (research
or business experience).

We will prepare eight sessions for the Pre-Basic Phase in May and June, and they will be
free of charge. 
The eight sessions will be: 1st: overall direction, 2nd: energy 1, 3rd: disaster prevention,
4th: climate change, 5th: medical, 6th: energy 2, 7th: healthcare/aging, 8th:
You can participate in any sessions you like.

The invited speaker and talk for the 3rd session is:
May 21: Speaker: Hiroaki Furumai, Professor, UTokyo, Title: Strategic urban flood management for climate change adaptation

The main features of the program are as follows.

(1) The program consists of four phases (Pre-Basic, Basic, Advanced, and Practical) which
are suitable for the respective objectives and stages. In the Basic Phase, participants dig
deep to search for problems and form diversified teams. In the Advanced Phase,
participants make business plans based on research outcomes through customer feedback
and mentor guidance. The Practical Phase is for participants who want to launch a real
business as a startup or inside a company. 
(2) Participants can brush up on their communication skills and build valuable human
networks through discussions with various people from universities, national laboratories
and corporations, including investors and business mentors.
(3) Participants can have the chance to present business plans in front of overseas venture
investors in Silicon Valley and San Diego.

Agenda for the first session:

(1) Self-introductions by participants  
(2) Overall briefing on the EDGE-NEXT program
(3) A talk about SDGs by the invited UTokyo professor
(4) Networking for finding team members to solve problems

Intended for: University researchers (graduate level or higher), national laboratory
researchers, government staff, corporate personnel (research or business development)
Number of participants: No limit for the Pre-basic Phase  (About 40 people from the Basic
Phase onward)

Registration: Please register via the form on the following application site.
We have prepared templates for self-introduction and networking (team member
recruiting) on the application site. Please send the files to the EDGE-NEXT office by email
at least three days before the session day. After receiving them, we will send the Zoom
URL for participation by email. Please note that doing a self-introduction is a necessary
condition for attending the Pre-Basic Phase.

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