Message from the President of the University of Tokyo

  • Teruo Fujii
    President of the University of Tokyo

As humanity faces complex and global challenges , such as the novel coronavirus pandemic and climate change, we are experiencing a significant shift in conventional beliefs and assumptions. In such times of transition, we must recognize the part to be played by academia and take the initiative to build a new model of the university from a long-term perspective. Further, society has entrusted the University of Tokyo with the mission of fostering talented individuals capable of actively contributing to addressing new challenges as they arise.

A campus enlivened by talented individuals with diverse characters and from diverse backgrounds is the source of the university’s vitality. The principle of ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ is a fundamental framework for knowledge creation and education, and achieving gender equality is one of the UTokyo’s most significant challenges. We will endeavor to improve the gender balance and develop support systems that allow diverse members of the UTokyo to thrive to their fullest extent irrespective of their gender or place of origin. The Office for Gender Equality will play a central role under the president’s leadership, working extensively on initiatives based on the principle of Diversity & Inclusion.

Message from the Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo

  • Kaori Hayashi
    Executive Vice President

The University of Tokyo has approximately 7,000 female students and 4,300 female faculty members, all of whom are engaged in an array of activities to achieve their dreams and goals by fully exercising their talent and abilities. However, the number of female faculty and female students remains far short of the desired level of equality. I attribute this to multiple causes, including the scarcity of female role models, stereotyped perception of gender roles, and the failure to encourage leadership among women. There are other factors such as social perception and images people have about this university.

By encouraging collaboration among people of different nationalities, races, gender, and age and drawing on diverse resources available in society, the University of Tokyo will create an inclusive campus where every member can perform to their full potential. The university will continue to promote the activities of the Office of Gender Equality. Additionally, it is important that all of us at the university commit ourselves to changing our mindset. The university will be taking various measures to do so. 

Achieving diversity and inclusion is a critical challenge that today’s university and the larger society must confront. I look forward to working with all the members of the university community to achieve the goal of realizing a truly inclusive campus and society. 

Thank you for your continuing support and effort.

Message from the Director of the Office for Gender Equality , the University of Tokyo

  • Naoko Yoshie
    Director of the Office for Gender Equality,
    the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is home to many women who shine, but behind that excellence they are burdened with many concerns and hardships arising from their work-life balance and the constraints of societal norms. We at the Office for Gender Equality are committed to continuing to provide opportunities for resolving these issues and support the success of all women at the University of Tokyo.

Facing a declining birth rate and an aging population in advance of many other countries, Japan’s challenge is to create a society where everyone can be active regardless of their gender, race, and age. In reality, however, Japan lags far behind other countries in terms of gender equality as is apparent from global indices such as the Gender Gap Index (GGI). I am certain that there is much that the University of Tokyo can do as Japan’s leading institute of higher education and a world-leading research organization. By listening to your views and opinions, we will continue to promote gender equality. Your assistance and cooperation will be highly appreciated.