Participating in activities are the major part of Go Global Gateway. Carry out global activities which match with the four Categories of Activities outlined below and report on them in your My Page. Once you complete reporting on three out of the four categories of activities and have them approved, you will be ready to submit a final statement for getting the certificate.

Category 1: Languages

Whereas solely possessing proficiency in multiple languages is not sufficient to justify your global competence, it does help you when communicating with people from different parts of the world. The category 1 is set up to encourage you to improve your language skills. Students must earn all the required number of credits for foreign language in the Junior Division.
*Please submit a report after earning all the required number of credits for foreign language courses in the Junior Division in PEAK, instead of submitting reports on specific foreign language courses separately.

- 【Required of all the students】Earn all the credits of foreign language
 courses (Foundation and Integrated Courses) required for completing
 the Junior Division and advancing to the Senior Division in PEAK.
- Earn language course credits offered by the university. The language
 you learn for Go Global Gateway must not be English, Japanese, or your
 first language*.

*Go Global Gateway defines the “first language” as a language that you feel most comfortable using in achieving your best academic performance. You may decide which language you define as your first language.

Category 2: Classes/Courses

Complete academic courses offered in languages other than English or your first language. The courses should not be the ones aimed at language acquisition. Providers of programs can be UTokyo, other universities or any other organization.

- Complete/gain credits of a non-language focused course that UTokyo
 offers in languages other than English or your first language
- Complete/gain credits of a non-language focused summer
 program/winter program offered in Japan
- Complete/gain credits of programs in MOOCs (Massive Open Online

Category 3: Experiences Abroad

Attend a program or a project with educational purposes abroad. The duration can be flexible, as long as it is a legitimately educational program. Although you may participate in off campus programs, UTokyo also offers various study abroad programs, including exclusive programs for Go Global Gateway participants. Be aware that activities in Japan or your home country** should be excluded from this category.

- Complete a study abroad program
- Volunteer, intern or fieldwork abroad
- Engage in a research project abroad

** You may define your “home country” based on your personal upbringing.

Category 4: International Activities

For this category, you are expected to participate in international exchange activities. Globally-oriented activities which do not necessarily fit in the other three categories may be classified into this category. The location and the organizer of the activity you choose can be flexible. You may also organize an activity on your own!

- Attend student club/circle activities in languages other than your first
- Be involved in the management of an international exchange event
- Attend, organize or present at an international symposium
- Volunteer or intern at an international organization inside Japan

There are many global activities both on and off campus. Go Global Gateway will be offering information about various on-campus activities for your reference. Plan ahead of time and take advantage of many opportunities this university offers!