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Certification of GGG

Q: Are there any incentives for participating in Go Global Gateway?
A: The biggest incentive is Go Global Gateway encourages you to think and grow globally. On completion, you can download a personalized portfolio, which compiles activities you attended. You can use the certificate to prove yourself when, for example, seeking jobs or applying for graduate schools. Furthermore, various networking events and short-term study abroad programs are held exclusively for those who have obtained the certificate of Go Global Gateway.


Q: Should first-year undergraduate students participate in Go Global Gateway?
A: Yes. The Go Global Gateway (GGG) program is mainly designed for students enrolled in the Junior Division. From April 2024, all of the first-year students are automatically registered for GGG upon matriculation at UTokyo. (Log in to the GGG system here.)
Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities GGG offers. We are committed to enhancing the students’ university life and providing chances to cultivate global mindset and skills, which will help them as they pursue various professional careers in this globalized world in the future.

Q: Can second-year students and above participate in GGG?
A: Yes. However, a “Go Global Statement” is to be written at the beginning of students’ college life because it enables them, in a later stage of their undergraduate period, to reflect on what you aspired to do at the time of matriculation. Therefore, students are highly recommended to get started as soon as their first year starts.

Go Global Statement

Q: Why do I need to submit the Go Global Statement?
A: The Go Global Statement helps you think about which element of Global Competence you can develop and through what activity you can develop it. The Statement also enables you, in a later stage of your undergraduate life, to remember what you wanted to achieve at the outset of your journey. You must submit the Statement as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be eligible to apply for the University-wide Student Exchange Programs (USTEP), short-term overseas programs and other events and programs organized by GGG and/or Center for Global Education (UTokyo GlobE).

Q: Do students receive any scores or grades for the Go Global Statement?
A: No. Students will not be graded on their statements.

<For those who entered before March 2024>
Q: What do I need to include in the Go Global Statement?

A: Make sure you address how you “plan to achieve global competence” and what kind of person you wish to become through university life. Remember the Go Global Statement, written at the beginning of your university career, will serve as a record of your ideas and thoughts for you to later reflect on.

<For those who entered before March 2024>
Q: How long will it take for the statement to get accepted after submission through the web system?

A: Regular processing time will be about one week. Please keep in mind that it may take longer depending on the volume of submission from other students.


Q: When do we attend activities to report on? Is there any rules for when we can attend activities?
A: You may write about any activities you have participated after you entered the university. You may write reports even after you receive the certificate as long as you are an undergraduate student of the university.

Q: Do students receive scores or grades for reports on activities?
A: No. Students are not going to be evaluated on the reports. However, reports with insufficient contents may be returned to be rewritten.

Q: If I take a foreign language course offered to April-entry students, how would it be regarded concerning the category 1?
A: It will be viewed as a legitimate part of the category 1 requirement as long as you fulfill the PEAK requirements to advance to the Senior Division.

Q: How long will it take for one report to get accepted after submission through the web system?
A: Regular processing time will be about two weeks. Please keep in mind that it may take longer depending on the volume of submission from other students.

Q: If my report on an activity is not accepted, may I revise and submit it again?
A: Yes, you may. If your report is returned to be rewritten, please check comments by GGG team attached to the report and revise it.

Q: Can I obtain a certificate without traveling outside Japan?
A: Yes. In that case, you should choose to participate in at least three activities which fall into the categories of activities 1, 2 and 4. You will then be eligible to submit a statement to obtain a certificate.

Q: Do you have any examples of acceptable or good reports for us?
A: We would like you to act and think creatively on your own through participating in Go Global Gateway. Therefore, we do not give any examples.

Q: How are the four kinds of activities related to the five elements of global competence?
A: Each activity should embody certain elements of global competence. It may be related to one, two, or more of the five elements. Thus it is up to the students to explain in their own words how the activity they have participated in touches on any of the elements of global competence. Go Global Gateway, in other words, will not define or dictate what the activities should mean for the students. Rather, students are encouraged to frame the significance of their activity within the framework of the five elements of global competence and equate the activity with one of the elements.

Q: Are there any activities that you especially value so that I can take advantage of attending when I apply for the certificate?
A: No. As long as the reports of the activities are accepted and approved by Go Global Gateway, they will be treated equally.


Q: What components will the portfolio consist of?
A: The major part will be your reports on activities that you attended and your Application Statement. Once approved, your reports will appear on your portfolio automatically, along with the titles and dates of the activities. The portfolio is a compilation of your global activities and a written trajectory of your personal growth.

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