Implementation and Summary of Go Global Gateway

Global Competence

The University of Tokyo encourages every student to possess global competence or “the ability to live and work together with all kinds of people throughout the world.” The global competence, in our view, is composed of the following five key elements: I. Communication & Language Skills; II. Confidence & Determination; III. Open-mindedness & Flexibility; IV. Collaboration & Leadership; V. Global Perspective. Contrary to popular perception, global competence is not merely about language proficiency or simple experience of visiting other countries. Rather it is about gaining deep interest in and insight into the values and people of other cultures.

   Five Elements for Global Competence

           Video Message
 from Director of Center for Global Education

Go Global Gateway

Go Global Gateway, launched in April 2018, offers undergraduate students a chance to obtain a university certificate that attests to their global competence. While students must satisfy certain requirements by doing activities that belong to three of the four stipulated categories, they are also encouraged to go beyond the required activities. All the records of these activities will be incorporated into their own digital portfolio. Through Go Global Gateway, the university provides students with an opportunity to grow into a truly global professional in this global society.

Key Features
- Want to gain various cultural experiences? Having trouble finding
 opportunities to take part in international exchange events?
 Use Go Global Gateway!

- You will have access to the latest information on intercultural exchange
 programs, study abroad, etc.

- You will be able to develop your own portfolio, which will serve as
 a record of your global activities as a student at this university.


Go Global Gateway encourages you to take your own initiative in becoming a global person. It does not do so by testing or assessing your knowledge or skills. Go Global Gateway values your voluntary participation in global activities, so that you may develop global competence on your own. You may continue to participate in global activities even after you receive the Certificate of Global Competence, as the goal of Go Global Gateway is not so much to obtain the certificate as to train oneself to be a global citizen by taking advantage of various resources and opportunities on and off the campus of this university.