How to Obtain the Certificate

I.  Submit a “Go Global Statement” in My Page.

Imagine your academic study at The University of Tokyo from the enrollment to graduation and analyze yourself. Then, please write your statement that clearly addresses two subjects: “What you should do to obtain the Global Competence” and “In what ways you hope to acquire the Global Competence”. The statement will help you look back at yourself when you apply for the Certificate and complete your academic study at this university. It will also enable you to think about activities in which you will get involved during your student life. 

II.   Participate in intercultural exchange events, study abroad programs, etc.

Choose at least three out of four “Categories of Activities,” as outlined by Go Global Gateway: 1. Languages; 2. Classes/Courses; 3. Experiences Abroad; 4. International Activities. For each activity, write a brief report and upload it to My Page.

More about Activities
III.   Create your portfolio.

The uploaded reports on the activities you participate will become the core of your portfolio. You will be able to download the portfolio in a PDF format.

IV.   Submit an application statement to be certified.

Review your approved activities and write how you believe you have gained “global competence,” especially in relation to the five elements. You may add a further statement noting how you plan to be even more globally oriented or about the new goals you developed as you participated in various global activities. After your application statement is approved, you will be able to access to a PDF version of the certificate.

 More activities even after receiving your certificate!

You may continue to expand your portfolio after receiving the certificate by adding more reports of global activities until your graduation. This will enable you to have a clear and detailed set of records of all the global activities during your undergraduate years. The portfolio will serve as a valuable asset as you launch on your global career!