The University of Tokyo -
Asian University for Women (AUW)
Joint Winter Program at AUW

Movement of people in the 21st century -
"Migration, Immigration, and Refugees"


This program, which is subsequent to the joint summer program held at UTokyo in August 2023, will be conducted at the Asian University for Women (AUW)* in February 2024.

*AUW is situated in Chattogram, Bangladesh. The university was established in 2008 to give first generation women, who are the first in their family to enroll at the university, educational opportunities and nurture their leadership. The university offers Liberal Arts curricula to women from 18 nations such as Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Syria.

Participants will explore the multidimensionality of global movement of people in the 21st century from the perspectives of migrants, immigrants, and refugees. AUW is in Bangladesh, which hosts stateless Rohingya refugees. UTokyo students will discuss with AUW students who participated in the summer program and exchange opinions as to how we tackle imperative global issues of immigration, migration, and refugees.

Throughout the program, AUW faculty members will lead lectures and discussions on gender, health, hygiene, education, language, culture, and others. In addition to lectures, the program will provide a variety of off-campus activities including field trips and interactions with AUW students.

Undergraduate / postgraduate students in any year or majors are welcome.
For details of the program and an application method, please refer to the application guidelines below.

Application Guidelines

(9. How to Apply and Application Documents_updated on December 14, 2023)【Application Guidelines】The University of Tokyo - Asian University for Women Joint Winter Program at AUW

Documents required to submit

【All applicants must submit】Written Oath
★ Signature by your parents/guardians is not required

A reference for the application on UTAS

Applying for Study Abroad Programs via UTAS (PDF)


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