An exclusive program for students who have obtained
a certificate of Go Global Gateway Program:

UTokyo – Princeton University
Joint Program

“People and Culture of Japan in the United States — Past, Present and the Future”


The Go Global Gateway (GGG) program will offer a short-term spring program for UTokyo undergraduate students to study with students of Princeton University in New York City. The program is exclusively for students who have been awarded the GGG certificate*.

This exclusive joint program between UTokyo and Princeton University focuses on the history and future of Japan and its people in the United States. The program takes place in UTokyo NY Office, just south of the Central Park, as well as on the campuses of Rutgers University and Princeton University during the spring break. It offers an excellent opportunity for students of both schools to deepen their understanding of Japan while also befriending their counterparts.

Princeton University and UTokyo are both recognized for their excellence in research and education. The two universities have had close ties over the years, including university-wide student exchange program and strategic partnership that has included cutting-edge research collaborations in various fields.

This is a non-credit bearing program and is supported by Princeton University and UTokyo as well as the Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation and the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation.

All the courses are offered in English, but there will be a daily conversation session in Japanese everyday for Princeton students to try and practice their conversational skills. However, no prior knowledge of the language is required.

*Undergraduate students who have registered for the Go Global Gateway program AND meet one of the following conditions (A or B):
A) Those who have already obtained a certificate
B) Those who can have their application statement approved by 5:00 p.m., December 22, 2023

Application procedures

An application has to be made through the UTAS system. Please click on the "Overseas Study" tab and then select "UTokyo – Princeton University Joint Program." For details of application procedures through UTAS, please consult "Applying for Study Abroad Programs via UTAS." (PDF)
The application deadline is 12:00 p.m., January 10 (Wed), 2024.

Before making an application on UTAS, please read the application guidelines carefully and consult with your college or faculty to fully understand all important matters related to your study at UTokyo when studying abroad.

Application guidelines

【Application Guidelines】UTokyo – Princeton University Joint Program “People and Culture of Japan in the United States — Past, Present and the Future”
Attachment 1_Guidelines on the Eligibility, Requirements and Awarding of Scholarships

Documents required to submit

★【All applicants must submit】Written Oath  


"Applying for Study Abroad Programs via UTAS." (PDF)


Go Global Gateway Team
International Education Promotion Group, The University of Tokyo
go-gateway.adm [at]

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