Mail Magazine for International Students / Foreign Researchers of U-Tokyo

International Student Support Room, The University of Tokyo, delivers news via email to international students and foreign researchers of the University of Tokyo, usually twice a month. Our mail magazines contain information regarding:

・Events and seminars, both on and off campus, that are relevant to international students
・Helpful information on daily life
・Career support information
・Any other information which international students may find useful

To receive Mail Magazines
If you wish to take our mail magazines, please register from Registration for ISSR Mail Magazine
*Personal information, such as the email address which you register, will be used solely for the purpose of sending our news. As an exception, we may ask for your participation in answering a questionnaire in order to improve the quality of the services for international students.

For UTokyo Students/Faculty/Staff Members: If you have information for international students /researcher that you wish to post in our email news, please contact International Student Support Room

*Posting: plain text only. Attached files and HTML/rich rext postings are not acceptable.