Life in Japan

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Life in Japan


・Orientation for New International Students
・Other Orientations

Visa Information

・Visa & Resident Card
・Extension of Period of Stay
・Leaving Japan & Re-entry
・Part-time Jobs (Permission for Activities not Permitted by Status of Residence)
・Changing Your Status of Residence
・Inviting Family Members
・Visa Consulting Service
・Leave of Absence or Withdrawing from the University
・Immigration Services Agency


・University of Tokyo Residence Halls
・Private Apartments
・University Guarantor System
・Other Accommodations
・Necessary Procedures When Moving-in/out

Daily Life

・Medical Service & National Health Insurance
・National Pension
・Banks & Credit Cards
・Phones & Postal Services
・School Cafeterias and Special Meals
・Garbage & Recycling
・Part-time Jobs
・Information for Family Members
・Pregnancy, Childbirth & Child Care
・Before Leaving Japan
・Useful Links

Offices & Facilities

・Facilities on Campus
・International Offices in Faculties and Graduate Schools

Safety & Disaster Prevention

・Insurance, Medical Assistance & Emergency Management Services
・Emergency Contacts
・Safety Information
・Disaster Prevention
・Events on Safety & Disaster Prevention

Career Support

・Job Hunting in Japan
・Career Support Seminars and Consultation
・Status of Residence for Working in Japan
・Job/Internship Information from Companies
・For Companies Recruiting International Students