Overview of the programs for interaction on campus

One of the keys to having a successful study experience in Japan is to actively interact with the people around you, including Japanese students, other international students, and local community members.

Initially, differences in customs and thinking may pose obstacles to such interaction, but once you develop an understanding of those around you, it will be much easier to connect with them.

Try to interact with many people on and off campus by participating in events hosted by your lab or faculty/graduate school, the exchange programs run by International Education Support Office, university clubs and sports teams, events sponsored by your municipality, and other such opportunities.

1) FACE program
For those who would like to have a cultural exchange with Japanese

2) Language Exchange Program
How about finding a language exchange partner at the bulletin board?

3) Other Programs
You can find various cultural exchange programs on-campus!

Japanese Language Club "Hongo"
Chinese Conversation Club「汉语聊天室」
*For more information, please contact International Student Support Room or visit Go Global Center Support Desk .