International Student Support Room

International Student Support Room

Living away from home and dealing with a new academic system gives you both excitement and challenges. If you encounter difficulties, be sure to seek help from student support resources on campus early so that we have better chance of supporting you overcome challenging situation.

We offer walk-in one stop services at “Go Global Center Support Desk” (Currently closed due to COVID19) located in the Go Global Center, Hongo campus. We also offer individual/private session to improve your situation. ISSR also gives you the opportunities to connect you with on/off-campus community so that you can have a chance to deepen your understanding toward Japan and Japanese society. We also help international students with finding the career possibilities in Japan.

Who are ISSR Advisers?

ISSR Advisers are experienced in issues and challenge that international students encounter in Japan and provide services in Japanese and English. We also have a Chinese speaking adviser. Personal counseling for psychological and mental health issues is provided by staff trained in counseling.


ISSR Services

Our services include:
-One-stop drop-in support services for international students.
-Individual counseling and advising sessions on the issues that international students may encounter in Japan, including career issues, cross-cultural adjustment issues, psychological issues.
-Consultation to faculty/staff members about international students related issues.
-Referrals to appropriate on/off-campus services
-Career support for International students
-Providing exchange programs for on-campus interaction.
-Providing useful information both on/off-campus. Email newsletter for international students also offered.

■How to use ISSR services
See How to use ISSR services