How to use our services

■How to contact us

-General inquiries from here
*As this office is for UTokyo current students only, we do not accept sales calls. Thank you.

-Personal Consultation and Counseling Appointment request  here

*UTokyo members only.
*Studetns who study at Komaba or Kashiwa Campus can also use ISSR services. However, depending on the content of  your concerns, we may refer you to other services on each campuses.
*Please also see advising and counseling resources for international students at Komaba I & II,   "Kashiwa Campus"[PDF]  

-Please check here(ECCS Cloud Mail necessary.) to find out information regarding counselors and advisors in charge of personal consultation. 

■Walk-in inquiries Support Desk at Go Global Center
Support Desk is now available online. Services available are:
 1. Inquiry Form
 2. Online Support Desk (Trial/Zoom/No reservation necessary)
  To use the Online Support Desk, University account is necessary. For details regarding accounts, please check
*For schedule, please see the calendar below.
*Online Support Desk Zoom link is here.(Access with your ECCS Cloud Mail account. Access (updated from time to time/closed when updating/Access permission cannot be given to non-UTokyo Cloud Mail holders.) 

[In-person Support Desk is currently suspended.]
We provide walk-in service for one-stop support and advising services. Please stop by the Go Global Center Support Desk during our open hours. 
*No reservation necessary. First-come, first-served.
-Location:Go Global Center (Faculty of Science Bldg. 1 [East])
*Regular open hours are from 12:30 to 16:00 and this may be subject to change. Open hours may be subjected to change and the change will be notified on the website.
*Chinese speaking staff is available on Thursdays. (Mondays and Wednesdays, by appointment only)
*Consultation regarding studying abroad (General consultation, University exchange programs, short-term programs, etc.) is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (except for national holidays). For schedule details, please see here. (UTokyo members only)

【Frequently Asked Questions】
1) Consultation/advising for current UTokyo students about studying abroad programs (from UTokyo to overseas) :Consultations on study programs are not available by phone. Please directly contact the email address listed in the application guidelines. If only an email address is provided in the guidelines, we will not be able to forward the call to the section in charge, as they do not offer support by phone. Check details here.
2) Admission information:The information cannot be offered at our office in any contact means. (phone, email, in person, etc.) Check details here.
3) Inquiries from company about part-time/full time job openings for international students: Check「本学留学生への求人について」in Japanese.
4) University Guarantor System: Check here for details.

【Privacy Policy of ISSR】
ISSR offers services with a strict confidentiality policy. No individual information, including whether or not a particular student had utilized our personal counseling and advising services, will be released without the consent of the person concerned. So, please do not hesitate to consult with us.
User’s information (information held by ISSR) may be used for research and educational purposes to improve our services for international students and to internationalize our campus. In such cases, all data will be anonymized so that the individual user will not be identified. 
Even if you do not agree to the use of personal information held by ISSR for educational and research purposes, you will not be subject to any disadvantage in using ISSR services. Please inform the staff when you use our services. If you are concerned about how the user's information is managed, please contact our staff prior to use.