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About UTokyo Research

This website serves as a show window for research at the University of Tokyo, introducing the breadth of diverse, cutting-edge research outcomes while also acting as a gateway to more specialist information.

At the University, we are engaged in a fundamental pursuit to understand the nature of human existence and the world of matter, to understand the essence of the phenomenon of life, to develop the technologies for new industries, to design the systems to support the social and economic life of the future, to deploy the University’s wide-ranging and advanced education and research activities to contribute to the development of modern society, and to exploit the accumulated knowledge and skills of the University as the driving force for social transformation and change. This site has been set up with the hope that the University’s activities may contribute to the creation, exchange, and development of knowledge far beyond the University itself, reaching international society throughout the world.

Through interviews with researchers, Feature Stories present the great breadth of research carefully nurtured to maturity at the University of Tokyo, while Research News delivers over 200 of the latest research results each year, centered on press releases. Editor’s Choice is the editorial team’s pick of the best of the University’s cutting-edge research, selected for academic and social impact and presenting the state of the art at the University.

UTokyo Research provides an overview of the University’s research for students, researchers, the media, and for all those who are interested in the expanding frontiers of human knowledge.


  1. Journal article “Global Research Promotion at the University of Tokyo: A Report on UTokyo Research” in the Japanese Journal of Science Communication 15 (2014) provides a summary of the establishment and development of UTokyo Research (Japanese).
  2. UTokyo Research, on site: Poster presented at the International Science Communication Workshop 2015 held 2015.3.19-20 (Japanese).
  3. "Research at UTokyo: Letting the world know" [Video] Talk presented by Jonathan Woodward at "Tell the World - Global research outreach at the University of Tokyo" Workshop held 2016.1.26 (English).
  4. "Promoting your research: Press releases, UTokyo Research and more" [Video] Talk presented by Ayumi Koso at "Tell the World - Global research outreach at the University of Tokyo" Workshop held 2016.1.26 (English).

※Notice to our readers: Todai Research was renamed UTokyo Research in November 2013.

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Joseph Krisher

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