SciREX Summer Camp 2021

June 18, 2021


Type Other
Intended for Enrolled students / International students
Date(s) September 3, 2021 — September 5, 2021
Location Online
Venue Zoom Online (Access info: TBA to participants prior to the event)
Entrance Fee No charge
Registration Method Advance registration required
Please apply though the Form.
You may also apply by emailing STIG OFFICE and specifying your Name, Graduate school, Academic year, preferred group name, etc.

Deadline: Wednesday, 30 June, 2021
Registration Period — June 30, 2021
All UTokyo graduate school students can apply!

As part of the joint education program within “Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy” (SciREX) of MEXT project, SciREX Summer Camp will be held jointly with the six core universities. This summer camp offers an excellent opportunity to discuss common themes, exchange views and perspectives, and interact with other participants having diverse backgrounds. It also aims at promoting network formation among students studying in different universities.

[Date] 3 (FRI) - 5 (SUN) September, 2021
[Venue] Zoom Online (Access info: TBA to participants prior to the event)
[Participants] Approx. 90 students/professors/staff from GRIPS, UTokyo, Hitotsubashi Univ, Osaka Univ, Kyoto Univ, and Kyushu Univ. From UTokyo we call for about 10 students.

2021 Summer Camp Overall Topic: “Innovation System in the Post-pandemic Era”
=How society will change (movement of people and goods, international relations, etc.)
=How research will change (academic society activities, collaborative research, AI introduction, etc.)
=How education will change (class operation methods, students’ activities, etc.)

Group Themes (You will belong to one of the following groups; English-speaking groups are 3 and 9)
-Group 1:ポストコロナを見据えたライフスタイルイノベーションによる持続可能な脱炭素社会の実現
-Group 2:アフターコロナ時代の研究者による政策への関与のあり方
-Group 3:Space applications in the COVID era
-Group 4:ミッション志向型イノベーション政策立案のためのロードマッピング
-Group 5:COVID19の経験に基づく今後の感染症対策
-Group 6:データで解析する科学技術イノベーション
-Group 7:ポストコロナの教育
-Group 8:COVID-19の経験からの国際関係と国際コミュニケーションのあり方
-Group 9:The Wealth of Nations: Pandemics, Industrial Revolutions, and Economic Growth
Access Map
Kashiwa Campus
Hongo Campus
Komaba Campus