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October 12, 2022

― UTokyo D&I Campaign 2022 ―

The University of Tokyo has launched a campaign aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion on campus, and making the university a place where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive. The initiative, called UTokyo D&I Campaign 2022, started in March 2022. In this series, we present messages of support we received from individuals who endorse our D&I initiatives.

Support Messages

Sachiko NAKAJIMA, Musician
Mathematics researcher
CEO, steAm, Inc.
Thematic Project Producer at Expo2025, Osaka, Kansai, Japan

There are all kinds of ways to shine and to experience joy in this world. Every person is different, and that’s what makes our world so colorful and interesting! Depending on your outlook, individual weaknesses can turn into valuable assets, and many research findings, artistic works, and innovations are the result of multiplying diverse perspectives, which create an opening to uncover new ways of looking at the world. Sometimes, however, various ways of “differentiation” can create divisions and harm others unintentionally. I believe, though, that such situations arise when people have limited opportunities to encounter diverse values and don’t fully understand diversity’s true appeal. This is precisely why we need to communicate the value, potential, and joy of diversity and inclusion to create a society in which the diversity of each and every person’s life can shine through, where we can listen to minority voices that would otherwise struggle to be heard, and unlock creativity for an uncertain era in which answers are elusive. It is highly significant, for both Japan and the wider world, that the University of Tokyo is taking the initiative and showing the world its commitment to these ideals. You have my support!

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